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Laser Cutting & Engraving

The cutting edge you need to get better results.


Leather Cutting & Engraving

We do a wide range of leather cutting and engraving for our customers. All leather is already provided by the customer.


Wood Cutting & Engraving

Our wood cutting and engraving is done on good quality wood. We assemble and glue the design if need be. The design also gets sanded in order to get rid of any imperfections.


Perspex Cutting & Engraving

Our perspex is of the highest quality. We use a combination of mediums to enhance the look of the design the client has in mind, thus pushing out high end workmanship.


Engraving On Granite

The engraving on granite is done for memorial plaques. The granite is supplied buy the client for engraving, after the client has decided how big the memorial plaque must be.


Engraving On Glass

We engrave on drinking glasses mainly, supplied by the client. However, there is the odd job which requires engraving on panes of glass for projects.